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I was intrigued when I saw a tub of Pina Colada Boozy Udders ice cream at my local farm shop, so I bought some to try. I was not disappointed, it was so delicious, the flavour was spot on, and the balance of alcohol was perfect, boozy, but not overpowering. Sadly I had to leave the tub at my friends house, as I had taken it as an after barbecue treat. I hope to be passing that farm shop again very soon, the only decision is, what flavour next time?
Helen Cheales, Hook Green, Kent


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We are crazy about our taste-bud tingling Margarita just as it is, but even perfection can occasionally be…perfected! Lime and chocolate is a Heavenly duo – try serving alongside an oozing, volcanic hot chocolate fondant, or perched atop a wedge of velvety choccy tart.

Serving suggestion see these links:
Jamie Oliver- Rich chocolate tart with sales flakes
BBC - Chocolate fondant

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Jamaican Rum Punch

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We think our ‘drunken-raisin’ studded Rum Punch has X-factor all by itself, but for an express trip to Heaven and back, try a heavy handed drizzle of rippling, hot chocolate sauce. No, please, no thanks necessary.

Serving suggestion see this link:
Nigella - flourless chocolate brownies with hot chocolate sauce.

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Pina Colada

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This is a Caribbean Dream in a bowl, (or in a coconut shell…or from your loved one’s belly button…) But if you’re feeling l’amour, dollop lovingly onto a slab of scorched, grilled pineapple. Garnish daringly with smouldering, finely chopped red chilli. Be still my beating heart!

Serving suggestion see this link:
Grilled Pineapple

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Chocolate Brandy Alexander

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Serving suggestion? None. Just a spoon. Because it doesn’t get much better than this. No accompaniment needed, just luuurve!

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Passion Fruit Martini

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Our Passion Fruit Martini is crying out to be paired with a soft and ever so slightly wobbly pudding partner. Try it cuddled coquettishly close to coconut panna cotta or creamy, dreamy brittle-topped ‘brulee’. Palm leaves and soft winds whisper.

Serving suggestion see this link: BBC - Passion fruit and coconut panna cotta and this one for the Ultimate crème brûlée


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Strawberry Daiquiri

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So, we were umming and ahhing – what to go with? Hmm… What to go with? We scratched our heads and we consulted our friends… And then – BOOZY UDDERS! – We had it! STRAWBERRIES! A little off the wall? Possibly. A tad avant garde? Perhaps. But we decided we liked it.

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Our Cosmo’s ‘pretty in pinky-red’ hue is perfect for the festive season. Try serving in a martini glass sandwiched between crisp meringues, then drizzle with inky cassis for an elegant, no pressure dessert… (that’ll unexpectedly grab you by the throat and swing you from the chandelier!) Glory in Excelsius!

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Mac Daddy

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By popular request, we bring you a wintery, festive Boozy Udders – ‘Whisky Mac Daddy’. And it’s a great big bear hug of a mouthful! Gaze misty eyed as it puddles and pools with the fragrant spices in your Christmas pudd. And it’s ooh-ahh with warm mince pies – hic! But remember, a Daddy is not just for Christmas…. (available Christmas 2016)

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The Bramble

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Cometh autumn and come in ‘The Bramble’, a ridiculously sublime and very British cocktail. Celebrate our country hedgerows laden with plump, inky blackberries. Doff your cap to traditional London Gin. How about a traditionally British apple and blackberry crumble to go with? Who needs summer?

Serving suggestion see these links: Hairy Bikers apple and blackberry crumble
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